Coaching Program 7weeks POD

7-week Positive IntelligenceĀ® PQ training program:

If you are on this page it must be because you are confident that this program can do what it says, and you want to rewire your neurones your way! Fast or slowly you get to choose.


This is one of a kind program and you are lucky to get in my essentials for not many women own their autism! So my pledge to thee is that I shall hold a scared place to enable yourself the growth you know your body and sanity crave! Crave to be calmer, crave to not binge eat, binge watch, binge research (no I want that !) See you get to chose & decide.

So the roll out goes like this - you may be ahead of yourself and have already done certain steps - congrats to you, really celebrate your wins and yes get used to feeling good about yourself because that is what life is for, to live in love, tranquility and bliss.

Steps to take :

1. Take the assessments both the Saboteur's and the PQ score (that way we get tangible results of before & after!)

2. Book a call with me, your autism neuroscientific coach hors pair šŸ˜‰

3. If the application process is successful and if this fits in with your schedule, your commitment and your bravery

4. Enroll

5. Download the app

7. Do the PQrep exercises daily 15 mins minimum off the app6. Read the book (chapters 1-8 are provided) in week 1 (best results)

8. Every week we have a POD meeting (5 peers maximum) masterminding with others on the same journey

9. Every week there is a weekly video to watch & discuss in the POD (NĀ°8above)


10. Repeat steps 7-9 for the duration of the 6 weeks.


"A wise man never loses anything if he has himself." Michel de Montaigne



Enroll today and start using your right brain a lot moreĀ 



Should you want a payment plan, one is availableĀ