Welcome to the mental gym, I’m your coach! Roll your sleeves up and let’s build up those ‘mental muscles’, taking you on the journey leaving the left brain Saboteurs moving towards the right brain hemisphere of your Sage mind. Tranquility and quality of life 

Mental fitness is moving towards your own Sage Essence, a bit like the Sergent Major yelling at the Saboteurs ‘All right son, Stand Down!’ and you can BE.

Be your amazing self, full of grace, poise, raw, gauche and oh what honesty comes from within… Yet always from love, with gratitude and humility.

Hi! I’m Catherine. Coaching you to build that sage muscle of the right intuitive brain leaving the left rational brain behind…

So come on this journey and allow your Sage Essence to come out and play. Life is more fun that way. It has been almost 2 years that I started this journey and my life has truly changed for the better. To be calm, to regain composure fast, and to see humans for all they are is a blessing. Are you ready?

As a coach and a scientist, here are things about you I know:

  • Your cellular chemistry is probably not in equilibrium;
  • You may very well be in anxiety mode, to various degrees, and not know it. This causes chemical imbalance;
  • You may travel far to work, causing stress during the journey to and from work;
  • This is the time the Saboteurs will thrive;
  • Work on the elasticity of your brain and it’s neurones to change that;
  • Become Sage and arrive at work in tranquility.

This is not your fault. This is the way society has conditioned humans and thus you respond as best you can with the tools you are equipped with, which do not seem to be the same as everyone elses…

Yet we all play the game.

Get new rules 😉

Get into the driver’s seat and win the race. Start to live.




During this recent global event, we have all lived through, we know now from personal experience that this is one short life we get to live.

Live your 2nd chance to the fullest.

Get a coach and build those right-brain Sage muscles!

Control what you can – & that’s you. You are already an incredible being of
30 trillion cells, 78 organs and 1 soul.  So your brain is wired differently, yet I can attest to the fact that it works on my autistic brain, for I – yes me, moi, myself and voices (hey in fact, where did they go?), I AM REWIRING MY OWN NEURONES.

These are testimonials of my transformational coaching